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  •  Still racist (none)
    The comment was "the majority"... In any of these numbers, there is no number above 50%, which would constitute a majority.  Therefore, the majority of Palestines don't support the destruction of Israel by that measure (assuming these polls are right, i.e. how did they do them, what's the margin of error).  My point, and it doesn't matter auapplemac if you are a minority or not, is that making categorical statements about a group of people that fit a stereotype, particularly a negative one, is racist!!! It's just like saying "the majority of black people are on drugs."  Nobody on this board would tolerate such a comment. While there may indeed be a sizable drug problem in the black community, its crazy to say something like that. I love my Jewish brothers and sisters, but it really really makes me angry that the zionist hardliner types have managed to shape the conversation such that people feel free to say racist stuff (and don't even acknowledge it). All Arabs are not a monolithic group.  All Arabs are not violent sucide bombers in waiting who want to destroy Israel.  Stop the madness!!!!!!  Stop the denial.  What you said was wrong, and the first step to no being a racist is to admit it.

    A BLI (Black Liberal Intellectual)

    by shinsetsuguy on Sat Oct 30, 2004 at 06:48:57 AM PDT

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