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View Diary: Obama team leaves Lieberman decision up to Reid (247 comments)

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  •  not if the other Democrats on the committee & (0+ / 0-)

    THE PRESIDENT (!!!) are not in favor.

    Like I said, he shouldn't be committee chair but there are much more important things to focus on.

    •  If he is the chairman (1+ / 0-)
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      he has more power than you seem to think.  For one thing, he could just continue to do nothing.  as Jane at Firedoglake says,

      One point I think needs to be made.  This isn't about Joe Lieberman maintaining membership in a country club as a matter of feel-good "bipartisanship."  There's actually a job that needs doing here, and when Chris Dodd and Evan Bayh say that they want Lieberman to retain his chairmanship, they are saying that the extraordinary waste, graft, greed and cronyism that have built the Department of Homeland Security to a bloated, ineffectual taxpayer-funded behemoth under Joe Lieberman is just fine.

      •  not in this situation (0+ / 0-)

        if they let him keep the chair (which I'm betting they won't), he will not be allowed to wield the kind of powwr that other committee chairs do. They have to much over him.

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