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  •  GOTV Calls--which org. is "better"? (none)
    While I cannot travel to do GOTV, I have been doing calls through the KE/04 phonecorps almost every night.  Some of my friends have being doing calls through moveon and ACT and I'm wondering which will be more effective.

    Here's my thinking...Most of the people I have talked to through KE/04 are pretty "safe" since they have already signed up with the campaign, the phonecorps is primarily trying to get them to do canvassing. It seems to me that the people generated by moveon and ACT might be new voters or undecideds who need more convincing (this is just speculation, I don't know how they get their phone lists).

    Does anyone have any thoughts or information on this? I want to be as useful as possible with my GOTV efforts.

    •  GOTV efforts (none)
      I had a MoveOn volunteer who is living with me leave and move to the Kerry team.  MoveOn's lists have been disappointingly outdated and their databases not working as well as planned and Kerry's field operations (at least here) have been top notch with better lists.

      Vote for equality. Vote November 2nd.

      by lisakg on Thu Oct 28, 2004 at 05:01:38 PM PDT

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      •  MoveOn (none)
        I've been working with the MoveOn database fore a while and it seems pretty good to me. (Granted, I've never done this before).  A handful of volunteers and I have had face to face conversations with 155 Kerry supporters in a little over a week.  we're pretty pleased with the system so far.
    •  ACT (none)
      America Coming Together is looking for people to man the phones in DC. They're sending busloads to Ohio this weekend as well.

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