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  •  Ohio! Bustin' It for the Buckeye State! (4.00)
    I'm 51, have been voting since '72, but interested in politics since I was a little kid.  I'm putting  my work and the renovation of my old farmhouse on hold, and heading to Ohio with A.C.T. this weekend.

    When I was about 6 years old, John F. Kennedy came campaigning at the Mall near us.  I was hanging out at the door when I saw the fuss, and this man comes striding in at the head of a small crowd, greets me and tousels my hair.  It was the wierdest thing, because he had SOMETHING - maybe that's what charisma is - that made even a 6 year old just lock in on him.  It made this little kid follow the 1960 election!

    I got activated in 1968, working for Eugene McCarthy.  (For you newbies, that was the 1968 version of the Dean campaign!)

    Long story short, as a liberal in America, I've spent many campaigns supporting good people who got their asses kicked or worse in elections.  Bobby Kennedy,McGovern, Jimmah Carter '80, Mondale, Dukakis, Al Gore.  Some of these names may seem like old punch lines now, because history is written by the winners, but these are good people who tried to do the right thing for us, despite long odds and powerful big money opponents.

    A few victories. A lot of defeats. NO SURRENDER!
    That's why I can't express how absolutely great, how energizing it is to have you join us, and to join with you in taking our country back on track to being a progressive, humane, world power.

    Liberals/progressives don't just want converts to smash into conformity.  We want new blood to be who they are, for the strength of their diversity.

    From John Lennon and "Give Peace a Chance" to Eminem and "Mosh"; from Gary Trudeau to Aaron Magruder.  Wheel keeps on turnin'...

    Now we're hitting the streets again - and we'll see ya at the Inauguration!!

    •  Another first time campaigner (none)
      Unless you count a misguided run with Anderson when I was about ten. But this time around I've taken a 6 weeks leave from writing for money and spent a month doing LTEs, and opinion pieces and am now the precint leader in my ward for Move On and GOTV.
    •  2nd time campaigner (none)
      I've sent 850 letters to infrequent voting single moms.  I just started phone banking with ACT and Kerry's Phone Corps.  

      I got a call-waiting beep while calling someone.  I left a message and picked up the incoming call: another phone banker calling me!  Either the lists are a little too self-referential or we're actually carpet bombing the political landscape.  I hope it's the latter, but I fear that all the self-identified volunteers are calling each other.


      We're kicking ass!

    •  I love you! (none)
      Thanks for trying to make my world a better place before I was even born :)

      And when I met Clinton, I felt that.  I didn't even want to meet him.  I didn't like him, but all that changed when he grabbed my arm.  It was like a shockwave.  To this day I don't remember a damn thing he said to me when he shook my hand, but I just remember thinking, "I'll do anything he wants me to."

      •  Stephdray, I know what you mean... (none)
        I have a friend, a C.P.A., who works in a think tank in DC.  She's no twinklebrain - she's a hard ass when needed.  She ended up at an embassy function in '02, where she met Bill Clinton for the first time.  Her immediate impression was that he's bigger and more magnetically beautiful in person than even on the tube.  She was stunned in his presence, her mind whispering in her ear "Yes." And she knows this experience was shared by many, especially women, who were there that day!

        Thank you for your kind words.  Visualize Victory!

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