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  •  Vote for Mom! (4.00)
    OK. I'll probably post this again in a younger thread, or maybe even diary it, but here goes.

    I am lucky enough to have a GREAT GOTV scheme that is one not many people are fortunate enough to use. But I am the lucky one.

    I tell people to Vote for my Mom! Everyone I know. Every Chance I get. As often as I can. Why do you ask? Well, my Mom is a 2004 Democratic Elector for Minnesota.

    As we all know, we don't actually vote for John Kerry. We are voting for a slate of electors who are 'committed' to the candidate of the designated party.

    In Minnesota, at each Congressional District Convention, ONE person is elected to represent that district in the Electoral College. At the State Convention, two at-large Electors are chosen for the two 'Senate' electors.

    As a long time active, grass roots, hard working, and involved Democratic volunteer, my mom was chosen as this years' elector from her congressional district. I am so proud of her.

    Not many of us will ever have a chance to actually vote for the person who is running for president. This year, my mom will have the highly respected honor when Kerry carries Minnesota.

    So if you live in the land of 10,000 lakes, know you are voting for my Mom!


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