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  •  DISGUSTING!!! (3.83)
    Arrgh, this makes me crazy, that this is happening in my home state, the state I was born in and live in and love.

    Today the ReUGLYcans were bitching because here in Madison the city clerk's office is staying open for extended hours to allow people to early-vote.

    Can you believe, the WI Republicans are saying this is an 'illegal' in-kind contribution to the Kerry campaign?

    They don't want people to vote!

    The more people who vote, the more they lose!

    Makes me crazy.

    •  Is someone looking to catch them? (2.50)
      Have you called the newspaper, local tv, local radio?  Where were they being distributed?  Someone had to see it, even if it happened over night.  

      Stop whining... go get them!  Shine the light on this!

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