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  •  Feel like a Nazi? (4.00)
    Good, because you should.  Taking people out of context is a freeper trick.  Or would you like a complete discourse analysis of this discussion using Montague semantics and other big words to prove that you are full of shit?

    A simple, "Hey, watch that, someone could take it the wrong way." would have been sufficient.  Can we at least wait until after the election before we start tearing eachother apart?

    •  Perhaps (2.22)
      If you read the last two comments on this thread written by me and the poor guy that made a mistake you would understand why I thought it was necessary to write what I wrote.

      But I'm done posting comments about this.

      The funny thing is that I never even trolled the comment.  In fact, I gave the dude's apology a 4.  Feel free to continue trolling my comments.

      Calling me full of shit kind of dilutes the point you were trying to make, Steve.

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