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  •  I agree (2.00)
    This is so over the top it really is hard to believe its real

    Then again.....

    •  It is real (3.66)
      I know a person who (independently) found this exact same flyer in Milwaukee yesterday afternoon, and faxed it to Madison.

      Same damn thing.

      It's so unbelievably outrageous I personally don't feel like anyone would really believe it, but with all the first time voters in WI you never know.

      They do stuff like this every year but we need to call it out for the bullshit it is each and every time!!!

      •  Never underestimate... (none)
        ...the ignorance of American people. (Slightly revised version of a quote by H.L. Mencken.)

        I realize what I write in this post may sound ugly, but as a reality-based community, we must understand the situation as it is.

        The educational system in this country is producing a lot of people who are gullible, poor at logical reasoning, and jump to conclusions. I know. I'm a college professor, and while I have a lot of smart students, there's always someone who manages not to understand even the simplest and clearest directions because s/he was sure s/he knew what I meant better than I did, or simply read the first line and figured s/he could guess at the rest. I don't think it's the students' fault - I think it's because they were socially promoted through grades where little teaching was going on - but that doesn't change the situation. And keep in mind that I always try my best to explain everything in good faith and am reachable through my office hours and email, whereas these bastards are trying their best to confuse and con uneducated and undereducated people. We assume people will dismiss these crude frauds at our peril!

        •  Not just a product of poor education (none)
          It's not just an issue of gullibility or poor education. Many of the people this message is targeting are suspicious and fearful of authority, especially when police action or jail time is threatened. If there's any doubt in their mind of their safety, they'll stay away from the polls. It's sad and wrong that anyone would be trying to manipulate them through fear this way.

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