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    People have a tendency to forget about all that has been thrown at the African-American community over decades and decades ..... there is a memory of this trauma, especially among older people, but not only older.  The instinct to shut down and hide is still very much there, unfortunately.

    I am so upset, this just adds to it. I have been listening to the Al Franken show (I download it and listen to it later) ... Al is playing clips of people like Sean Hannity and others saying that THE NY TIMES STORY ABOUT THE EXPLOSIVES HAS BEEN TOTALLY DEBUNKED.  They are saying KERRY IS BLAMING OUR TROOPS (in about those tones). I mean, they are saying RIDICULOUS THINGS!!  INSANE things .. but they seem SO SURE!!  

    I have a prediction .. the right wing is getting SO over the top, I feel the responsible, Reality-Based media are finally going to wake up and start taking them on .. I mean, they are OD'ing on lies .. it's just INCREDIBLE!!

    And now this .. how long before they get it???

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