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  •  Rabbi Weiss Criticizes Zionist Occupation of Pale (0+ / 0-)

    Rabbi Weiss Criticizes Zionist Occupation of Palestine

    I think it's time you woke up from your safe world and open your eyes!

    September 25, 2008:  Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews joined in a counter-demonstration to protest the demonstration against Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

    Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews protesting the desecration of graves by a highway construction project near Haifa were attacked and brutally beaten by private security guards hired by the Ministry of Transportation. View Videos and photos of the brutal and violent event ....

    Following a demonstration in Jerusalem protesting the violence and grave desecration, Zionist police burst into an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue and attacked Jews in Prayer for the Passover Holiday. Read More....

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