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    TocqueDeville, weasel

    and being a progressive makes as much sense to me as being a liberal and voting for prop 8.
    Its funny how the same old arguments in defense of Israel always come up...
    1.Israel never targets civilians (blockading food supplies and bombing infrastructure is a direct assault on civilians. Not to mention that whats being defended aqcuisition of land is not a compelling reason to excuse collateral damage anyway. Israel is as caring about collateral damage as the U.S. is in Iraq- its not- and just as justified by jingoistic nationalism and trumped up fear mongering by religious fanatics (American christian and jew))
    2.the insipid "what about Darfur...or whatever other place that is worse. (This is a veiled attempt to label the critic an antisemite- a charge that has lost all of its juice due to its rampant abuse. The idea being that in order to criticize Israel we must criticize everything else first. I guess if that was applied to Bush, we'd all have to stop criticizing him, after all, there are many more leaders who are much worse than him- right? Its a stupid argument. But a great reason for criticizing Israel, over say the situation in Darfur is obvious- Our tax dollars support and sustain the Israeli murder machine. If Israel wants my tax dollars their getting it with a heavey dose of my opinion. I'll THINK about not criticizing Israel when they return the billions in aid and we enforce an arms embargo on her.

    As an atheist I stand opposed to Israel as much as I do Islamic regimes and christian neo-cons. I could care less were jews came from, where they lived a thousand years ago, or about a jewish homeland. As much as I care about a "christian homeland" or Rome or the pope or Islamic states.

    There will be no peace on this planet until religious identification is abolished.

    As for the solution to the problem its easy- stop waiting for two religious factions to come to their senses and see reason- they can't. So force it on them. No more aid to Israel, no more arm sales, no more dual citizenships, and a full on world wide embargo until they retreat to the original treaty borders. Same for Palestinians. Enforce the peace by full on embargo of any side that breaks the agreement.

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