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    Israel Celebrates Obama's Election While Olmert Calls For Return To '67 Lines

    By M.J. Rosenberg - November 11, 2008, 6:21PM
    I fear that I might have bought into the story that Israelis favored the other guy

    It turns out that the Israelis who preferred McCain were Americans who emigrated to Israel. They speak decent English so they get interviewed a lot.

    But they are as representative of Israel as Israelis in Los Angeles are of America. The newspaper headlines depicted here are from Israel's largest circulation newspapers last Wednesday. I love the headlines "Obama: The Hope, "He Has a Dream." Etc.

    Check it out.

    And this fron Ha'aretz.

    I guess it shouldn't be surprising that Israelis are actually happy about Obama. He should return the favor and push hard for a Palestinian state, in West Bank and Gaza, with its capital in East Jerusalem. That would be about the most pro-Israel thing he could do.

    Meanwhile, outgoing PM Olmert is calling on Israel to return to the pre-67 borders.

    There isn't much Olmert can do to effect the withdrawal but, simply by saying it, he sets a new marker. This is good news and heralds the inevitable end of the occupation.


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