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  •  Sure, I'd think, right or not, they can be expect (1+ / 0-)
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    expected -- Israel should have fully expected rockets in retaliation for their attack and that should have been their calculus -- I also think that given the state of relative peace, there was no need to go on the attack in the first place.  As far as whether I think it's RIGHT as in morally correct, no to both sides, but war isn't conducted by girl scouts and ethicists, it's conducted by killers.  One more reason to avoid it.  I certainly wouldn't hold a grudge for Palestinian rocket launches during or immediately after an Israeli action in Gaza.

    Hypothetical, though, let's say Israel lifted the blockade on Gaza in pretty much all ways, left them alone for a few months and then for domestic political reasons, Hamas started launching the rockets again.

    What's Israel's option?  War crimes, literally any retaliation would technically be a war crime, whether sanctions, blockades, targetted assassination or carpet bombing.  So their options in that situation are to be pummelled with rockets or with war crime accusations.  Given that the accusations don't kill anyone, it's obvious what will happen in that case.

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