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    I'm a Medicare policy expert who has dealt with the problems of accepting assignment and public vs private plans completing for the same providers.  I've dealt with this shit on a daily basis for years.  Krugman ignores this side of the equation.

    Do you remember all the talk this summer about the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act?  The bill that would stop the cuts in payments to providers implemented by the Bush administration?  That is directly related to what we are talking about here.  Insurance companies offering Advantage plans are cutting deals with provider networks to offer larger payouts for services than the government plans offer.  That means providers are abandoning patients under traditional Medicare and are choosing to only treat patients under private Advantage plans.  That leaves people in the government plans with limited options.  They can choose to pay more in monthly premiums under an Advantage plan or they can travel, sometime hundreds of miles, to see a participating provider.  That is the exact situation Krugman is proposing we expand to the entire healthcare system.  

    You claim he has relevant experience.  Prove it.  Show me where he has addressed this serious flaw in mandated coverage.

    My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.

    by clonecone on Wed Nov 12, 2008 at 12:28:26 PM PST

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