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  •  There have to be complementary changes as well (0+ / 0-)

    to the tort liability system.

    Perhaps a combination of limits to damages and a single payer liability insurance pool for the nation's doctors.

    These are necessary to control costs from the provider side.

    Obama really needs to commission a task force to look at the entire system including the way preventive/routine care (first aid, immunizations, non-life threatening injury) is delivered.  

    Is a doctor really necessary for the first level treatment?  After all, paramedics and nurses are certainly capable of treating 90% of the minor ailments requiring the attention of a health professional.

    •  wrong two ways. Limits for damages have NEVER (0+ / 0-)

      reduced malpractice insurance costs. I will diary about this later. It is not law suits driving up costs. It is bad doctors that are not dealt with by the states' medical boards. Relatively few doctors are responsible for most all the malpractice claims.

      Secondly, The major attribute of Doctors is skill in diagnosis – and even there they can miss some things for a long time.

      The treatment of things after they have been diagnosed is usually left to non-doctors now. Nurses do most all patient care now as well as other ancillary personnel such as respiratory technicians.

      We are in a time where it is risky NOT to change. Barack Obama 7-30-08

      by samddobermann on Thu Nov 13, 2008 at 02:07:32 AM PST

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