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  •  That's the real kicker (0+ / 0-)

    The insurance industry has to be hyperregulated. Caps on profits, requirements of what's to be covered (basically everything except cosmetic surgery), drug benefits, copays, and most of all, they have to pay for the treatment and not fight about it for years.

    Do that, and I have no problem with insurance companies offering some boutique plans that cover every drug known to man with no copays, pay for gym memberships and aromatherapy, or pay for cosmetic surgery under certain conditions.

    Hey, if you want to spend your money on it, more power to you. Just as long as I can get care if I'm sick, and not lose my house and all my savings to do so.

    •  right now its the outline of a plan (0+ / 0-)

      not the final product. regulation of private providers will probably, if we are entering into a re-regulatory era, be a part of it. I think people are pre judging. Thy maybe right to worry, but its the broad contours we should judge right now.

      •  I understand (0+ / 0-)

        but it's really crucial. Without serious regulation of health insurers, mandating insurance will just make things worse for everybody.

        Actually, I think the regulation should come first, and then the mandates.

        I suspect that if serious insurance regulation is passed, the insurance companies will be the first ones screaming for govt paid, universal healthcare.

        Cuz if they can't make their billions in bonuses, they sure won't want to do it.

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