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View Diary: Brief Notes On The Baucus White Paper About Health Reform (227 comments)

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  •  I am an avid supporter of single payer (1+ / 0-)
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    over the dreadful mess that exists now. I advocate a more efficiently run system based on the principles medicare is run.  The true horror for senior's like me is the knowledge that one single 'event' can totally wipe you out leaving you to be warehoused in your last years in nursing homes run like the Snake Pit.

    One thing i am going to agitate strongly for is more in-home assistance for the elderly to allow them to stay longer living independently. That is one element of the UK system that works as well as anything.  True, some cranky old people (like me) don't like different social workers coming 4 times a day and don't have the room to have a livein person, but anything is better than the current old age homes!.

    The transference will be bound to be rocky but health insurance is eating the middle class middle aged alive and making American manufacturing much less competitive in the global marketplace.  So, my guess is that it will economics that actually drives America to start working toward a universal system that is fairer with subsidies for those who can't afford the insurance.

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