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  •  Here's what I wrote to Sen. Salazar (11+ / 0-)

    Your support of Joe Lieberman to retain his Homeland Security Committee chairmanship is appalling and indefensible.  If Mr. Lieberman wants to caucus with the Republicans, then let him.  His vote is unnecessary and, practically speaking, he will have to vote with the Democrats most of the time if he wants to get reelected in 2012 because the real Democrats will put up a candidate as will the Republicans.  Joe can't split the vote this time.  He will lose.  

    He cannot be rewarded for his Judas-like behavior and out-and-out lies with a chairmanship, particularly on the Homeland Security Committee (after all, as chair he was tasked with investigating the Bush Admin.'s criminal negligence after Katrina - he did nothing).  

    Here are some examples of his lies and deceit:
    During his 2006 race, Lieberman "begged Barack Obama to come speak on his behalf."  Mr. Obama did.
    July 6, 2006:  "I want the Democrats back in the majority . . . and to elect a Democratic president in 2008."
    2008 RNC:  "The real ticket for change . . . is McCain/Palin."  
    Meet the Press:  "I'm not going to go to the [RNC] and spend my time attacking Barack Obama."  "Is Barack Obama ready to lead?  My answer is no."
    2008 RNC:  "Colleagues like Barack Obama voted consistently to cut off funding to our troops."
    CNN:  "The spokesman for Hamas would welcome the election of Barack Obama. . . . I worry that Barack Obama would . . . compromise our security."

    With friends like Joe, who needs enemies?  Sen. Salazar, stop supporting Joe.  Your failure to do so will reflect quite poorly on your character and your judgment.

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