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  •  He's definitely caught in the binary thinking (1+ / 0-)
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    George Pirpiris

    that is often indicative of trolling, but, looking at his past diaries I'm hesitant to call him a troll outright.  But he's right there in the conservative This OR That crowd. Good or Bad. Leiberman OR 'real' problems.

    Get out of the binary thinking, Beanbagz, dude.  It is very confining.  You know, Yellow and Orange look like very different colors by themselves, but when you look at the whole rainbow, not so much.  This AND that or even not This nor That are also possibilities.  And many more.

    •  I take (0+ / 0-)

      it back, but I am not the first to point out his overt GOP and anti-netroots talking points.

      Beanbagz came in here attacking Markos, and really anyone on this site of wanting Lieberman out.

      I found that very dubious as this has been a conversation for 2 years now.  That whole time we (ahem Reid) have capitulated and said "after the election"  now they say he votes the party line more than others....... WHAT!

      anyways, like I said a few other places, I hope he goes to the GOP.

      I would rather be in party of honorable partisans, then in a party of weak and spineless leaders.

      If you can't take on Lieberman, how can you handle Afganistan, the Un, Pakistan, Russia, etc........

    •  Binary thinking? (0+ / 0-)

      Like Lieberman must go or Reid must go? Like acting as though things must happen a certain way here or Lieberman "gets away with it?"

      Don't condescend to me. This is not a sophisticated debate being had over Lieberman. It's an airing of grievances and a demand for rough justice without any sense of nuance or subtlety.

      The possessed can be killed in a rush to exorcise their demons.  

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