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    but the picture of the US in the 1930's is way rosey and not all that accurate.  Close to half of all homes went into foreclosure, people weren't sitting pretty in paid for homes.  In addition, more people rented, and lost homes because they couldn't pay the rent.

    There was a simpler lifestyle, but huge nos. of people were unemployed and cheaper lifestyles or not, they simply had no money for food or any other necessities.  Even in the thirties, more people lived off the farm than on it, though farms were closer to the cities and produce/meat was more locally produced.

    As for generally more lawful, moral compunctions, tin foil hat talk.  Rethuglican thinking and lies.

    We spent two years working towards a candidate and government that was about inclusiveness, that emphasized our common heritage, beliefs and goals.  We don't need to pretend that there will be mass violence in the streets because we will turn on each other because we are morally bankrupt, irreligious and unlawful.   Don't buy right wing frames and spread the bs.

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