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View Diary: How Barack Obama Can Solve the Gay Marriage Issue (54 comments)

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    You write:

    "If you walk down the street, no one will know that you are gay, but if a black person walks down the street it's a different story."

    Sorry, but that's BS. There have always been some black folk who passed as white, or as relatively more white (e.g., Harold Ford). In the same way, there have always been some queer folk who have passed as straight or as relatively more straight. But don't forget that every friggin day in the streets of this country visibly queer people are bashed, often to death. How does that happen if we have this supposed privilege of being able to cover? What do you think, we all have the prerogative of being able to pretend to be who we aren't? And, anyway, what kind of progressive vision would claim that the path to civil rights stops, or becomes less important, when people can avoid violence by pretending to be other people?

    Yes, conservative whites are to blame for the passage of Prop. 8. But solidarity between Queers and People of Color has suffered because of ethnic and racial minorities' continued refusal to recognize gender and sexual rights issues as civil rights issues. That's just a fact that Prop. 8 happens to nicely symbolize. And screaming at queers or belittling the injustices against us isn't moving in the right direction to change it.

    Seriously, Mary.


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