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View Diary: OECD/IEA: 6 Degrees of Global Warming by 2100, END OF THE WORLD (81 comments)

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    and turn down that nice piece of cake?  

    Why does it always end up like this?  The Europeans and the Americans go hog wild destroying the environment for a couple of centuries, but then China & India, the Rodney Dangerfields of the developing world get stuck with the blame for the end of the world?

    Perhaps China & India will be leading us toward a global solution to climate change.  China has higher CAFE standards than we do.  We shouldn't assume that because we led on how to destroy the planet means we are best equipped to lead the way to save it.  My guess is this will be a global solution but the west can't approach this problem with our traditional western hubris, we look like smug hypocrites.

    Just a thought.

    "Out of Many, One." This is the great promise of our nation.........well, that and the return of droogie! droogie is back!

    by Uncle Moji on Fri Nov 14, 2008 at 08:41:15 PM PST

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