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  •  My child is 8 and she is so sick of hearing (2+ / 0-)
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    ek hornbeck, ArtSchmart

    about politics and Obama, and how GWB needs to be in jail, that I just can't do that to her. She has been praying that, now that the election is over, I'll stop talking about politics in her presence.

    This is a child who actually used reverse psychology on me (!) to try to get me to stop talking politics. She gets bored with this stuff fairly quickly, and turns her attention instead to anything having to do with Hannah Montana. Or playing with Polly Pockets. Or playing "office" again.

    My point: if she was about 5 years older, this could very well happen. It's an excellent idea, but not realistic for my kid right now. Thanks for the thought, though.

    •  I hear ya. (2+ / 0-)

      DKU, though, is not so much politics.  Lots of nature and science and other more savory stuff.  The links to global warming diaries might be interesting to her.  The animal pics diaries are pretty good, too, for someone her age.  Let her pick the diaries....

      •  Well, that's a darned good point (2+ / 0-)
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        ek hornbeck, ArtSchmart

        I hadn't thought of that, but that's true. My kid's a science nerd, so this could work out great. Although, the global warming stuff looks so dire right now that I want to protect her from finding out about this for as long as I can. It must be so, SO hard to be a child in 2008.

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