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    The South is evolving, individuals who are over 45-50 or so have remnants of the Jim Crow culture deeply imprinted within themselves in a very similar way children brought up in strict religious households.

    I know, I grew up in the middle of North Carolina.

    These were the facts of life.

    Imagine the phrase "Free, White, and Twenty-one", consider the inherent evil within it and then understand that was the basis of adulthood in the South.

    If you didn't like the way things were, you were free to leave, and many did, usually the best and the brightest.

    Things are still like that for a diminishing population, that, by being born into the culture, acceptance was natural, and lacking perspective of other places due to the lack of knowledge of anything else remained comfortable with the way of life they were born into.

    If you were white, that culture didn't seem so bad, if you weren't, comfortable isn't the right adjective but, circumstances, quite possibly, kept you in hellish unequal conditions.

    The 1960's brought changes to the laws, and the mass infusion of media beginning around 1980 brought differing perspectives.

    That still leaves a demographic that was too set into their lifestyles to understand the flaws in thier culture were ugly, divisive and doomed to be reviled.

    Hence, the culture wars, begain in the 1960's and are still being fought by those who were consumed by the need to change society and those who were consumed by the need to defend a lifestyle that was clearly out of step with the nation and the world.

    Every year, the population that was born into Jim Crow shrinks in a natural progression.

    It will never go away, hate is too strong of a potion.

    But those who continue to drink the old evil concoction dwindle with each generation.

    "A functioning Democracy must defy economic interests of the elites on behalf of citizens" Christopher Hedges Econ 3.50&Soc. 5.79

    by wmc418 on Sat Nov 15, 2008 at 04:35:09 AM PST

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