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    Remember the bumpersticker from the 1990s?  

    Power in America has to be pragmatic, whatever the ideology that creates a coalition strong enough to attain it.  That always made the marriage of big business and right wing evangelicals rocky.  

    Over time, Bush and Reagan betrayed the faithful because they weren't willing to go to quite the extremes that right wing evangelicals wanted.  

    What that will do is create a situation within the Republican Party in which the evangelicals will think the problem they have is that they are not pure enough in their determination to accomplish an agenda to make America born again.  The pragmatists will figure that the association with the evangelicals has caused the party to be essentially the part of the Bible Belt, and to return more to the Eisenhower era perspective on Republicanism.

    From canvassing in Albuquerque, it seems like the evangelicals still have a lot of people in their tent.  Many of them found a reason to vote for Obama instead of McCain because they wanted economic pragmatism.  They could have swung the other way if the Republican ticket had promised competence.  

    However, the broad mainstream of swing voters are not bound by the social conservative agenda.  They want the economy to function and taxes to not be wasted.  They think taxes are a social compact and want the upper classes to pay their fair share.  They are offended when people in public life are found to be corrupt.  That the Republicans mixed self-righteousness with corruption was noxious to most people who have to prove themselves to be competent every day.  

    The contradictions, the lies, the corruption, the scamming, the two faced attempt to create a coalition by appealing to people and then betraying them - this legacy of the Bush/Rove era will have to get worked through.  It could take quite a while.

    But there are some intelligent Republicans out there like Gov. Pawlenty who may well start to knit together a 21st century conservatism.  Very likely the evangelicals will be a part of it.  Whether they become dominant enough to make the party into a Bible Belt shadow of itself remains to be seen, but most likely the intelligent pragmatists will create their own 50-state strategy.  

    What Democrats need to do is to learn the lessons from they lost power to the Republicans and not make the same mistakes.  

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      I could tip it and rec it. I have read (and in the future, will read) a number of comments/diaries that make some these points, but I don't recall seeing a sort of grand unified theory on the subject.

      And it's especially important to display the historical context and how it relates to this election. The future may depend on Americans as a whole connecting the dots and seeing the entire picture/timeline that shows where and how our government has failed its citizens and been hijacked by the unholy alliance between the plutocrats and the theocrats.

      The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here and you are out there. - Yasutani Roshi

      by lotusmaglite on Sat Nov 15, 2008 at 10:18:56 AM PST

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