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    JEERS to the ongoing Iraq quagmire. The latest:

    CHEERS to small, local television stations. For decades the trend in local news broadcasts was "happy talk." Well, it's been done to death, and with every news broadcast exactly like every other news broadcast, and actual journalism mostly relegated to the print and electronic media, I can't imagine their ratings have been any good. Desperate to gain some sort of traction in their local markets, they've had to resort to actual journalism to draw attention. The result: KLAS in Las Vegas and KSTP in Minneapolis have broken two of the most important stories of the election cycle (voter registration fraud in NV and OR, missing explosives in Iraq). The reward: national recognition and high, high ratings. Hopefully, this means that more local stations will resort to actual journalism, and we'll see the fourth estate come back to life.

    CHEERS to Broward County, FL. In response to overwhelming voter response, they've extended early voting hours and added a hotline for absentee ballot questions. This comes after they re-sent 58,000 missing absentee ballots and agreed to pay for absentee voters to overnight them back. All good stuff, and it bodes well for the Dems.

    CHEERS to the FBI. They're finally investigating Halliburton's contracts to see if they were improperly awarded. Glad to see them going back to investigating corporate corruption instead of peaceful dissent.

    CHEERS to Halloween. Today at work I saw one of my co-workers sporting the 1980's preppie look: polo shirt under button-down shirt, thigh-high skirt, jangly jewelery and upraised bangs. "Nice costume," I remarked. Looking at me stunned, she replied, "what costume?" Oh brother.

    CHEERS to Steve Stone. After broadcasting for the Cubs for 22 years and being a familiar voice for the team for as I can remember, he's hanging it up under duress. At the end of last season he crossed swords with Dusty Baker and others in the Cubs organization. He apparently made the decision to leave long ago, but postponed his announcement until after the World Series. Thanks for the memories, Steve, and thanks for being a class act.

    •  I've always had mixed feelings ... (4.00)
      ......about the FBI, since it first came to my notice when old J. Edgar was still running things, and my file when I last FOIAed it came in at 214 censored pages. (There are a few holes in the FBI's tale as told in Mississippi Burning.) But when they nailed the liars at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant for nighttime dumping of radioactive liquids, the bureau moved up a notch in my esteem. If they nail Halliburton, I might grant them another couple of notches.

      Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.

      by Meteor Blades on Fri Oct 29, 2004 at 08:10:09 AM PDT

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      •  214 PAGES??? (4.00)
        You rock, MB

        They said I wasn't being funny. And I said to them, "I know that, but tomorrow I will go back to being funny, and your show will still blow." -Jon Stewart

        by Plays in Traffic on Fri Oct 29, 2004 at 08:43:38 AM PDT

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