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  •  Zogby (none)
    I found that so funny, because it's basically like saying, "Ignore most of my polls -- they're wrong!"
    •  Zogby (none)
      I wasn't fortunate enough to watch TDS last night. But, I caught a blurb on TheNote that said that Bob 'The Dark Prince' Novak claimed in a column that Zogby thought that bush was going to win it.
      Anyone know what Novak was really saying? I can't bear to read that monster.
      •  Novak (none)
        Yesterday, Novak said that Zogby was predicting a Bush win.  See:

        If you read closely, Novak is probably dishonestly hedging his bets in the lead.  The key line of Novak's piece is this:

        "Pollster John Zogby surprised the political world back in April with a long-range prediction that John Kerry would defeat George W. Bush for president. On Monday this week, Zogby told me, he changed his mind. He now thinks the president is more likely to be re-elected because he has reinforced support from his base, including married white women."

        "More likely" than what?  He gives the clear impression that Zogby, the best predictor of the 2000 election, says Bush's chances are better than Kerry's (that would deflate the hopes of some Kerry supporters, which happened yesterday on dkos).  But if you put a gun to his head, he would probably cop to just meaning that Zogby thinks Bush's chances are better than they were in April 2004.  

        But Zogby himself dispelled any doubts last night on the Daily Show.  When asked who he thought would win, he immediately said Kerry.  He was not joking.  He said he definitely thinks Kerry will win and explained why (Bush's negative job approval and other bad numbers).

        Don't see a transcript of this yet, but I know a lot of people are wondering what Zogby's bottom line is...that is why Novak wrote his dishonest piece.

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