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      •  in case you haven't seen these diaries before... (5+ / 0-)

        I've always been skeptical of "flying saucers", so when I first saw this series I thought, ohboy, more woowoo to debunk.

        However, TwoRoads' diaries have taken a pretty no-nonsense approach to it, including a lot of original material from the mainstream press, military reports, and other respectable sources.  And there has been a decided lack of woo, much less woowoo.  

        So IMHO, it stays, and it belongs, in the same way as Hekebolos' diaries about spiders (that series was a couple of years ago), or others' diaries about cat behavior, or other diaries about astronomical observations, and so on.  

        What interests me about TwoRoads' series is: interesting puzzles to solve, speculation about how people observe & react to things they see, some interesting bits & pieces about how the military responded to potential threats during the Cold War, and so on.  

        As of last week's installment, more speculation along the lines of "what if?" and how that would influence our approach to the space program.  For example: send out large numbers of quasi-autonomous robotic craft to interesting solar systems, to observe planets and send back reports.  Yes, hundreds of years until data started coming back from the target locations, but consider how that would influence human culture.  People would be more inclined to think in long time spans: their great-grandchildrens' great-grandchildren and beyond.  The cost of this kind of exploration would be affordable, and its return in knowledge would be inestimable.  

        And that in turn translates to a policy objective for NASA:  gear up for this program, develop the technology to enable these things to work and to send back data, and then build them & send them off.  We could get a decent start within an 8-year timeframe, such that Obama's successor (2016 election) would see the beginning of some of these launches.  This already involves the need for policy beyond Obama's presidency.  

        So, in the end, this kind of speculation is valuable for those reasons, and as I said, for those reasons, I think it belongs here.  

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