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  •  True, but we can also do it by changing (2+ / 0-)
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    media market rules.

    If we legislate Limbaugh into having to share his time, we do the same for Maddow, Olberman, et al.

    This will dilute the progressive ideas and move us more center, instead of left.

    Given the 30 years or so of strong right leaning pull away from the center, it's not smart to simply pull to center.  We need to progress, the people have said they want progress, and that means being able to air strong ideas about progress.

    It's game up for Rush as soon as we crack the media consolidation nut too.  IMHO, he's smart enough to know that feeding fuel to the idea of a new doctrine will blow up huge against Democrats.

    The framing is simple:  They will say the party of tolerance broke down and couldn't tolerate me, and it goes off from there.

    Better to make damn sure he's got solid voices on the air, that expose him for the nut-bag he is, and ratings and dollars will take care of the rest.

    That's an ownership problem, not a fairness in airtime problem.

    I knew Droogie, I liked Droogie, I won't forget what the AP did to Droogie.

    by potatohead on Sat Nov 15, 2008 at 04:18:51 PM PST

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