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  •  What you do is produce (0+ / 0-)

    compelling programming to counter it.

    And we leverage new media to continue to put pressure on those not doing us a good service.

    Also, being entertained with ideas is not a bad thing, given some diversity of ideas!  Look at what we do here.  What if it had to be fair?  Would it be compelling?

    Probably not.

    And we are not fair, and that's ok.  We don't have to be.  Why?  Because we want to put our ideas out there and win with them.

    Given the large number of media choices we have today, having traditional media air entertainment programming isn't a bad thing, IMHO.

    The only reason why hate entertainment is tolerated is because we don't yet have enough non-hate programming being aired for contrast.  Media ownership is the key to this, not rolling back the clock.

    I knew Droogie, I liked Droogie, I won't forget what the AP did to Droogie.

    by potatohead on Sat Nov 15, 2008 at 05:24:39 PM PST

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    •  I don't believe you can counter partisan (0+ / 0-)

      propaganda on the right with anything other than left wing propaganda and poop flinging.

      You can't be constantly on defensive against these cretins, because then you are allowing them the power of the frame.

      Non-Hate programming... that is not going to be entertaining. It won't sell GM cars. Not that Limbaugh has been managing spectacularly well on this score lately...

      Hate entertainment is tolerated because it makes people listen... it appeals to people who are tired, and need to focus, so it is the equivalent of taking speed, or having someone poke you in the side every 30 seconds so you don't doze off at the wheel.

      Mr. Rogers isn't going to make the grade. And I think an atmosphere of constant "reply" from one side to another's latest outrage is a recipe for escalating violence.

      I really think people would do better to contact the sponsors and tell them that they are being targeted for economic sanctions by the community and tell them what station their commercials are being heard on, and what programs they are sponsoring, and what the programs are about.

      •  I don't agree. (1+ / 0-)
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        It is completely possible to produce entertaining programming, that does not leverage the lazy, raw emotion of hate.

        If I am wrong, we seriously need to reconsider a great many things about our Progressive platform.

        Think about it.

        Speak or be spoken for. This is the lesson learned over the last 8 years.

        by potatohead on Sun Nov 16, 2008 at 09:26:31 PM PST

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