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View Diary: Taking on the System and the Prop 8 protests (400 comments)

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  •  Do it please!!! (7+ / 0-)

    Why not make an ad now, put on you tube with a donation button. Gather enough money and start airing it.

    I would love to see one about two sibling, one gay one straight, who are "married" with children. Showing all the things... higher taxes, health insurance, etc that they gay family doesn't access too. Please please please do it? I promise to help any way I can.

    "I didn't bring you all the way to America to be quiet" - my father

    by Nazakhstan on Mon Nov 17, 2008 at 07:37:43 PM PST

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    •  I'll see what I can do. It'll take a while. (5+ / 0-)

      I'm totally new to all of this stuff. I don't even own a video camera. I plan to find people who know how to do this sort of thing and pay them. Oh, and then I need to find a normal-looking pair of lesbians with kids who are willing to sacrifice their privacy like that. But these are surmountable problems. I'll keep brainstorming, and I'll come up with something in time for the 2010 race.

    •  THIS (3+ / 0-)
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      GN1927, jkusters, Pender

      Sometimes, you need to take a hint from the enemy.

      The Mormons rehabed their image in the 80's with a non-stop multimillion dollar ad campaign.

      A campaign for equality can't be something that turns off for three months before a vote and then turns back off.

      Imagine if five million a year had been spent on warm fuzzy ads between Prop 22 and Prop 8 ?

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