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  •  A new non-gay leadership (0+ / 0-)

    Picking Andrew Sullivan as a touchstone was not so hot, because he is simply unbalanced on the issue of the HRC (as in near to looneyville).

    Not so long ago, he was pinning his hopes on Tim Gill:

    But Gill is too smart to believe that gay equality will be achieved through the Democratic party alone. He comes from a Republican family, has made some key Republican hires, and hopes one day to give equally to both parties. It's an obvious strategy - focused, bipartisan, local. Funny how the Human Rights Campaign has sucked millions out of gay wallets and never achieved anything like this success.

    HRC was founded to be a voice in national politics, to lobby Congress.

    If there is some new set of organizing principles or willingly-followed 'general leadership' on the remainder of gay civil rights, who couldn't be pleased?  Let's hope that something emerges.  

    Organization has seldom been a forte, has it?  Ceertainly, the whole set of happenings in California weren't ... coordinated.  Perhaps it needs to come from the which case this post makes a lot of sense, if non-gay people are going to take up some of the burden for organization, focus, management, and goal attainment...

    •  And on that note, I introduce organization (0+ / 0-)

      I was pissed after prop 8 passed so I signed up on every list there is to volunteer and do something, I went to every protest. I am also boycotting local business that gave to the Yes on 8 campaign. And now I am in charge of something... religious outreach for Equality Action Now. My idea is to set up a town hall meeting for all the religious organizations that are for marriage equality. Who better to talk to religious people than other religious people right? So far my task force is composed of three athiests and a shaman. Obviously I need more help. So if you are in the greater Sacramento area and want to participate can you please email me? If you are not in the area and still want to help, I can use you through the magic of the internet, so please contact me.

      I think this makes me an official community organizer, right?

      "I didn't bring you all the way to America to be quiet" - my father

      by Nazakhstan on Tue Nov 18, 2008 at 11:25:07 PM PST

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