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    I wrote mine (Kerry and Kennedy), because as much as I love 'em, I don't know where they stand on this, and I want them to know I want Joe off.  

    Here's what I wrote:

    Dear Senator Kerry,

    I strongly believe that Joe Lieberman should not be allowed to keep his position as chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.  

    His actions throughout the 2008 Presidential campaign are serious enough to keep him from the chairmanship, but he has also been a terrible committee chairman in the past.  Senator Lieberman may quit the Democratic caucus as a result, but you must not take that petty threat seriously.  He has shown himself to be a small-minded person whose veneer of "bipartisanship" is virtually always directed toward protecting Republicans.  Most recently, he has shown himself unfit for the position by his appearance in (and apparent endorsement of) "The Third Jihad," an anti-Muslim documentary that is a sequel to the hate-filled "Obsession."  Nobody who participates in such fear-mongering should be rewarded with a committee chair, especially not one on Homeland Security.  

    With best wishes,

    The one to Kennedy was similar but had some well-wishes for his health.  

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