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View Diary: Obama Needs a Protest Movement (w/Music Video & Poll) (30 comments)

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    Protest is a heightened form of dialogue that lets us know that our democracy is WORKING!  Too often have we the people been silenced by fearmongers in high places, or administrators who threaten complaints or non-compliance with potential job loss...

    It's high time the people return to using this form of communication to initiate or instigate doesn't necessarily mean that the people condone "socialism" (although socialism has some very attractive attributes), it merely means that they have a VOICE. Nor does protest have to be raucous, loud, or violent (disturbing the peace),as the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. proved. On the other hand, sometimes the "peace" of apathy or ignorance needs a good swift kick...

    Today's types of protest are far more sophisticated than those of the sixties...much more media avenues are available: protests can be made "viral"; petitions can be circulated via the internet; protest songs can be downloaded to your ipod or cell phone, or shown on youtube, or uploaded from your own video camera (or cell phone) via a computer...

    Personally, I like the physical sensation of "taking it to the streets" in local parades on major holidays, or on the steps of a government building, or along the byways of a very busy intersection or park.

    And what about artistic events such as "Farm Aid" and so many others that have been organized to raise awareness about other causes such as global warming, poverty, or HIV/AIDS?

    I personally would love to see more artists in all venues (music, dance, theatre, visual arts) respond publicly to the issues...remember the "Degenerate Art" that railed against the terror of Hitler's Naziism? Teatro Campesino--street theatre--of the Farm Workers' movement in California? The "Lysistrata Project"--readings of Aristophanes' anti-war play all across the globe--prior to the US invasion of Iraq?

    Protest is a right of the free speech we have in this country, and can and should be not only used but also protected as our legislators need to be held accountable for their actions...lest they forget whom they represent, we the people...

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