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    This is f'ing ridiculous.  Voted Dem for the first time in my life because I thought that Obama and (by proxy) the Dems were right on issues like homeland security and the Iraq war.  Now this.  And Hilary as SOS.  So, a neocon as the chairman of the homeland security committee and a hawkish dem as SOS.  This party sucks.

    And for everyone saying, "Oh, it's ok, because now Lieberman owes Obama," give me a break.  The problem is that Lieberman's views on foreign policy and homeland security are WRONG.  He is fundamentally wrong.  As wrong as McCain and the Bush Administration.  Seriously, anyone whose views mirror Bill Kristol's should not be heading up any committee in a democrat controlled Congress.  What the f*ck?!  Harry Reid makes me physically ill with his BS about "this isn't the time for retribution."  This isn't about retribution you jackass, it's about the fact that Lieberman is substantively deficient for the position.  Unless the Administration world-view is going to be fundamentally different than what we were lead to believe - that is, unless it's world-view is going to be exactly the same as the last's.  

    Anyway, I can't wait for the next request for money from the Dems.  I will instead reply with some link containing some fundamentally flawed statement by Lieberman regarding national security.  I will do this every single time.

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