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  •  Hey Obama - This is not 1860, it's 2008 (3+ / 0-)
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    rolandzebub, Uberbah, Drake West

    Rahm, Clinton, Lieberman keeps his posts.... boy this sounds like "change you can't believe in".

    Lincoln appointed a team of rivals when the country was literally ripping itself apart.  Not the same sort of cicumstances today.  Maybe Obama should take a page from FDR instead.  Obama offers SOS to Clinton is solely based on her popularity within the Dem party.  If Bill Richardson's wife had taken foreign donations from Suadi Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Norway and other shady governments, there is no way he would even be considered.  It's purely based on the Clintons' popularity.  Hillary can't manage, she's not really a diplomate, and she spent 18 months saying ridiculous and sometimes offense things to try to destroy Obama.  The only message this sends to republicans is that they can stomp their feet and Obama will ultimately end up giving them their ice cream.  

    It's a shame.  Volunteers work hard to move on from Clintonian politics and first thing Obama does is bring them back into the fold with the nod to allow a traitor democrat in the Senate. Not to mention that Obama is apparently glossing over Howard Dean for HHS.  Sad all around.  

    Loyalty is not Obama's strength.  We can already see that.

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