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  •  Department of Homeland Stupidity (0+ / 0-)

    Can we just gut this useless POS? I am a Katrina survivor and as far as I can tell the Department of Homeland Security is an inept bunch of bureaucrats with rolled up sleeves and little else.

    First of all since when do we name agencies in the United States with propaganda oriented themes? Homeland? WTF? Sounds like some nazi bullshit to step away from Fatherland. Whatever happened to nice professionally neutral sounding names like "Central Intelligence Agency" or "Federal Bureau of Investigation." I have always thought that the DHS was nothing more than a flag waving outfit designed to keep us in fear and get us to support an illegal war.

    I believe it was initially founded to streamline bureaucracy...however one can never streamline bureaucracy by creating more bureaucracy...

    I say let Joe Shmo keep his chairmanship and then gut the department down to nothing. Or better yet completely dismantle this Bushite crony storage system.

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