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    hazey, Wee Mama

    I am a fairly new kossack here, Ive been reading for several months and commenting for just 2, maybe 3. There are so many people here who stand out in my mind, and I am so impressed with the sense of community here.

    When the usernames are sometimes just plf515 or j2kmyk56 I have a hard time remembering who they are or who I really intend to pay more attention to. I do like the more distinctive names, I must admit, like "crashing vor" or "relevant rhino", or "stranded wind",  I tend to notice these diaries as much for their UNs as I do the great (or funny!) content of their posts. I love the poetry of those names.  Meteor Blades is easily my favorite name. (I love the quote in this diary on MB’s name origin! Beautiful!)

    But beyond the melody of the name, I have been repeatedly and consistently delighted with the writings of Meteor Blades. In general, I enjoy being  instructed or courted or convinced of one opinion or another, one informative educated intelligent diary or another, there are countless of those and those are the mainstay of what keeps me coming back here. But the ones I hold my breath for, and feel honored and humbled to have the privilege to read are those of MB.

    What a gift. MB’s writings have an almost musical blend, on an orchestral scale, of personal, mixed with factual/historical, mixed with style, mixed with intent-content, mixed with now what, mixed with why, mixed with honesty from the core of my being level honesty.

    His writings are rooted in fire, yet tempered with a balance of grace and wisdom. MB is in league with the best of the storytellers. He, with his stories, makes me feel. I feel mesmerized, enthralled, inquisitive, and wanting more. That is the art of it.

    I am "in love" in Meteor Blades. Not romantic love or fanlove, but more... new world can we all just move in this direction and envision our future to be something like Admiration.

    But best of all... he’s really "just" a guy, right? Heh.

    Happy Birthday, Meteor Blades, and many more...

    Whatever you do, or dream, begin it now.. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. ~Goethe

    by Lady Libertine on Thu Nov 27, 2008 at 10:11:13 PM PST

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