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View Diary: How can he NOT give it to her? The danger investing in rumors (30 comments)

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  •  still figuring out who leaked this (0+ / 0-)

    I just cant understand why Obama would want a trial balloon for Hillary since once it is leaked , it will be very hard to not offer her the job.

    They are both do deep that if a deal is not reach , both of them will have plenty of eggs on their face.

    This would be seen as Obama's first big mistake by even considering the Clintons and do it so openly.

    It could also look like Obama was rejected.

    The Clinton will also be damaged because it could be seen as them refusing to open up to vetting..Or the clintons making too many demands..

    Im sure if things falters , both camp will blame each other for failing to reach a deal.

    At the end of the day , i do believe Hillary will be SOS because both camp will take a huge hit if things doesnt get done.

    Im praying thing falters because i dont trust the clintons.

    •  But my point is we know nothing official (0+ / 0-)

      from Obama or the transition team so far it is only rumors and BS. Why invest a nanogram of energy on it? Why open the door to all the negative crap that can come form this. Why?

      •  Its not rumors (0+ / 0-)

        There's no doubt she's being furiously vetted.

        What we dont know is how much is the Clinton willing to let the Obama camp see.

        The Clinton may consider Obama a future adversary , so they may be worry to be completly be vetted and give them ammunition for a future rematch...Or lets say if Obama feels the clinton backstabbed him , he could use what he learns during the vetting process to get back at them.

        You have to imagine the Obama camp knows that the Clinton arent clean and they'd most likely find something shitty during the vetting , but would be willing to give her a pass , as long as the clintons are good soldiers , and whatever Obama knows about the vetting , would be use as leverage to keep the clinton in-line.

        Anyway , i still think it is a mistake for Obama to consider it so openly....My only guess is , he's already offered her the job but wants some dirt on the clinton to have levearge and this is why he wants a deep vetting processon them.

        •  But it IS rumors there s nothing (0+ / 0-)

          official and the story is being driven by the MSM. Think about the implications if we as a nation are so easily diverted from the real issues of the day, what a hay day the right will have getting us off purpose.

          •  it's real (0+ / 0-)

            there's no way they'd meet in secret to just let her know she's being considered , alongside Kerry,richardson.

            Clinton is a higher figure then the other contender , and unless you are already leaning strongly toward giving her the job , you dont call her in into a face to face meeting.

            •  What I am saying and virtually everyone misses (0+ / 0-)

              is it is a rumor until it is confirmed by Obama or the transition team. In the mean time we are being successfully diverted from real issues.

              •  i dont think so (0+ / 0-)

                there's no real strong push back  and there's no doubt Obama is leaning strongly toward her.

                You dont bring in a bunches of lawyers unless you want to push the person thru the vetting process.

                •  Oh PULEEZE! He has already said he brought her (0+ / 0-)

                  Chicago for advice on other matters. You are going to believe whatever you want. But understand at this point you are being used. Remember this when Obama gets started in earnest and the MSM is trying to divert our attention.

                  •  do you really believe that?+ (0+ / 0-)

                    You are very naive if you do.

                    She brough her in for much more then some advice on other matters...she could had done that over the phone.

                    •  I believe we are waiting our time on speculation (0+ / 0-)

                      and nonexistant leaks. As for ever the phone, vetting could have been started that way too, heard of faxes? You are naive if you believe any of this has to do with what is really going on. Has he not told us he would tell us? Believed in him and trusted him enough to vote for him, but not enough to let things take their course now.

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