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    Cassandra Waites

    I operated an office full of programmers in Toronto. I wanted to bring in some of my American workers from my NYC office. For them to get work visas, I had to show the Canadian immigration examiner documentation of my search for Canadians, including interviewing some. They didn't include a test of whether I was paying the immigrant less than I'd pay a Canadian, but that would have been a trivial rule to enforce, either in granting the visa or when either of us reported their income. Perhaps triggering a followup interview between immigration and myself. Which, even if it didn't find me hiring foreigners of equal or lower qualifications than available in Canada, would still have produced data about what employable skills were demanded in Canada but weren't available, for Canadian training puropses.

    So even in my own experience, such labor protections are entirely workable. If Canada can do it, America can do it, because we're similar enough in our operations that following them is just a tweak.

    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." - HST

    by DocGonzo on Thu Nov 20, 2008 at 10:14:09 AM PST

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