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View Diary: Prop 8 legal challenge likely to fail (87 comments)

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    The appropriate response is a new ballot measure, not a recall of the justices, which would be idiotic.  We could easily end up with a worse group, which certainly happended the last time.  

    I say put this issue in front of the voters every two years until we win.  Demographics our in favor of our position, and our side will be much better organized next time around, we will win in two or four years and maybe we could bankrupt some of the religious right in the process.  

    Judges may or may not agree with the revision argument.  It is unrelated to the first decision, and predicting votes is difficult if not impossible.  

    And assuming that Kennard has now changed her mind makes little sense.  The issue today was whether to bypass the traditional appellate route, and require a lower court decision first.  I personally think that aging this thing a bit from the election helps the side of same sex marriage, so the decision to hear it in March may make it politically unlikely for the court to do what is right whereas letting emotions calm might make it easier.  

    Appeals are tricky things, and reading judicial tea leaves is a fools task.  

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