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    They are true octopuses (Order Octopoda). The Family it belongs to are known as "umbrella octopuses" (because they have webbing between the arms).

    The fins are similar to squid fins, and in the same place (on the mantle, which is the bulbous part most people call the "head", which it's not). But they are only distantly related to squid.

    The two long arms on the squid you mentioned are called tentacles (ten arms total). Octopods don't have these.

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      so the term "teuthid" is not specific to squid?

      A bit OT: recently had some excellent sepia a la plancha in Spain, which is the last time I'll have that. Cuttlefish seem too intelligent for me to eat (octopus is also tasty, and definitely too intelligent for me to eat).

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