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    burrow owl

    it does not follow

    that if states recognize civil unions the federal government will.

    Oh, I agree. What I meant was that even on its face the Obama statement could mean at least two different things, or at least that's how I read it.

    It could mean: try to get something passed at the federal level that would guarantee these rights to same-gender couples, coming down from the federal level regardless of what the states do.

    Or it could mean: try to get something passed that would give benefits at the federal level in any states that have civil unions or the equivalent for same-gender couples. So in other words, addressing that lack of guarantee you are highlighting (but not doing anything else on the federal level).

    "support" is meaningless without actions.....

    Totally agree. That word stuck out for me too.

    There's some sort of strategy necessary to translate a politician's rhetorical stance into action if that politician doesn't decide to do it himself. An organized movement with political savvy might be of great use in such a strategy. I don't know if that exists when it comes to these specific issues. The focus on couplehood and rights seems to be so much on marriage.

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