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    Having DOMA overturned by a sizable majority by the U.S. Supreme Court would probably send a stronger political message than having DOMA declared null and void by the federal legislative process.

    But unfortunately, with the current makeup of the SCOTUS, can this really be certain?  And my agnostic response - from your judge aunt's lips to God's ears.  DOMA does need to be gone.  Probably one of the worst pieces of legislation ever.  
    But keeping this battle for equality going on all levels I do believe needs to remain.  Remember that the federal government has been nothing but hostile to this. Maybe this time it won't be so.  Obama's statements on same-sex equality seem encouraging, and if he would use the political smarts that I think he has, and the rest of the Dems would "get some balls" so to speak, things can be different.  And this diary that I offer here is maybe one of many possible ways to create the change.  Maybe this can be change we can believe in, and there will be equality in law throughout our nation.    

    •  i so so so hope so (1+ / 0-)
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      from your keyboard to the laws of the land:

      and there will be equality in law throughout our nation.


      I only use my evil powers for good

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      by dadanation on Sun Dec 14, 2008 at 06:59:30 AM PST

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