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View Diary: How Claire McCaskill became Obama's "most reliable surrogate" (55 comments)

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  •  I consider MO purple (7+ / 0-)

    Jay Nixon's victory and Robin Carnahan's historic re-election show that MO is not totally red.  Just be glad you're not in Oklahoma!

    •  True, that is a good point (3+ / 0-)
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      davidkc, sherijr, on board 47

      I just don't see how Nixon could get nearly 60% of the vote and yet Obama loses. I know not everyone votes down party lines, but damn, I was hoping most of Nixon's voters would vote for Obama. Something tells me race had a lot to do with it. Rural parts of Missouri can be very racist....hell, I lived in rural Missouri for 4 years and I felt uncomfortable sometimes and I'm about as white as you can get.

      •  I agree that race had a lot to do with it (3+ / 0-)
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        sherijr, on board 47, kissmygrits

        There are many wonderful people living in MO, but there are still some very racist areas in the state once you get out of the big cities.  Heck, we lived in Kansas City for 5 years and found that city to have a lot of racial problems.  My partner (who is African American) found Kansas City to be almost intolerable from a race standpoint, more so than anyplace else he's ever lived.

        Anyway, so I think that Obama's loss in MO might just be an aberration for the state, although I see it remaining purple for some time to come.

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