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    I was 19 in 1962 and after the invasion of Cuba in 1961 and the missile crisis in 1962 I was pretty disgusted with Kennedy. In the latter event, we alll felt we were going to be in nuclear war and incinerated. In my case, I felt it was simply because Kennedy had to show he was tough vs. USSR after Bay of Pigs fiasco---something totally avoidable. Kennedy gets great credit, but he created the crisis in the first place.

    Kennedy also had to be dragged screaming into supporting the civil rights movement because he was concerned about the 1964 election. in those days the south was essential for a democratic victory and he didn't want to jeopardize it.

    Finally, there is no strong evidemce, as opposed to wishful thinking, that Kennedy was going to terminate the war in Vietnam.

    When he was assassinated my initial reaction was that I couldn't be that upset since he recklessly put my life and that of millions of Americans at risk in 1962. My second thought was that LBJ would make a better president and, apart from continuing JFK's Vietnam war (same advisors) he was a great president---civil rights legislation, medicare, medicaid.

    Bobby was better than JFK and Teddy even better.

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