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View Diary: What Do You Remember of John F. Kennedy? (165 comments)

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  •  Same here... (5+ / 0-)

    ...I was not quite 4 months old.

    I did provide my Mother's "where were you when JFK was shot?" story, however - she was changing my diapers.

    I do remember both MLK and RFK being killed when I was almost 5; first times I remember something on TV making my parents cry. Watching news footage of the funeral made me so sad, especially when they showed each man's young children.

    Growing up a New England Yankee and a Democrat, however, I was absolutely surrounded by people who had their own "Kennedy stories" so I do feel a certain fascination with and collective memory of that era.  It was not lost on my that a great number of people I know who are around my Mom's age mentioned that Barack Obama reminded them of JFK, in terms of his style and humor and intelligence, but also in the sense of optimism and inclusiveness he instilled in his supporters.

    •  Absolutely. I've got that collective (2+ / 0-)
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      memory.  I remember all of my aunts having MLK, RFK, JFK commemorative plates and ashtrays and clendars and pictures all over their homes for all the decades since their deaths.  I keep one of theirs at my house as well.

      42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot. A Wrightism

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