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  •  Fix the auto industry with universal healthcare? (1+ / 0-)
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    So the solution is for the taxpayer to pay contractual obligations of corporations? Btw, healthcare is only one component of the pay packages that the UAW and the "big 3" have negotiated. Pensions, education, layoff benefits, life and disability insurance and others will still have to be dealth\ with somehow. The fact is that these companies failed to adequately fund the liabilities that they took on. My outrage is at the folks at these companies that didn't properly reserve for these obligations when they were made and along the way, as well as the lack of oversight by the government. This is not a good reason to push for "universal healthcare". There may be other good reasons for it - but as a solution to the auto industries woes it's just boot strapping. Let's go after the real villains here - the officers of the companies, their auditors and the regulators who failed to do their jobs. Then let's chop up the assets of these companies to pay the folks off that they made their promises to.

    Glenn Individual Sovereignity is the right of every human being.

    by ScribblerG on Fri Nov 21, 2008 at 08:06:43 PM PST

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