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  •  Michael can burn in hell (0+ / 0-)

    Let me be clear. I HATE MICHAEL JACKSON. And not because he likely is a pedophile, though that is suffiscient cause in itself. No, I hate him because he ruined MTV. When first introduced, MTV was a great forum for Rock n' Roll, breathing fresh air into the music and giving it air once more. But Michael couldnt get his stinky "Billie Jean" on there so he sued. The song is not Rock n' Roll. Nothing that little puke has ever done was Rock n' Roll. Hell, they have even inducted him into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame! Unbelievable. I really don't give a ratsass if he is a Muslim or worships the elephant God. Like Sarah Palin, I just wish him, his creepiness and his foul "music" would go away. Tragically, none of this will come to pass.

    •  I really suggest you read history (1+ / 0-)
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      "Rock n' Roll" is R&B slang for "sex".  The music was invented to get people in the mood.  Early on, MTV only played only limited "80s rock" artists, Michael Jackson opened the door for artists such as Prince, Tina Turner and other artists to get airtime that initially didn't meet MTV's cookie-cutter playola scheme for the suburbs.

    •  Those dinos had their day (1+ / 0-)
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      and by the 80s, it was over. They'd had their day and MJ had his....all of which is ancient history NOW. MTv is all reality shows now buddy....nobody cares about videos anymore.

      Video killed the radio star for a reason....this is why these old farts are still making the same record over and over...because they know their fans just can't let go. They'd lost their steam by the 80s and now they're just playing the same old shit over again for Boomers willing to cough up $1K for a ticket to relive their youth.

      This is coming from a 30 something Who fan. Everybody gets their day in the sun and then it's over....accept it.

      •  rock n' roll (0+ / 0-)

        No doubt that you are correct: they had their day. yet the music prior to MTV was dominated by disco. Puke music. MTV brought Rock n' Roll back, however breifly. And make no mistake about it, there is great R n' R being made. . . it just gets nearly no airtime because the current fad is abysmal cRAP. The fact is, we would likely still have deliscious Rock n' Roll on the airwaves if it had not been for that little troll that looks like he just emerged from a toxic waste dump, Michael Jackson.

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