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  •  Oh, but they DO insure the elderly! (1+ / 0-)
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    Insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical corporations are making Buku Bucks off of the elderly - and the disabled - who are on Social Security.  I'm on Social Security.  Here's how it works:

    Part A Medicare is what we paid for when we were still working.  It covers a few hospital costs... with a LARGE co-pay for the hospital bill(s) that the Social Security recipient must pay for.  If he or she can't pay the co-pay, there's the option of asking the county - financed by the state - for state/count Medicaid assistance, but even then there's a "spend down" (co-pay) according to the amount of the Social Security check.  (The latter probably depends on the state in which one resides; that's how it works where I live, so likely not every state has the same options and many are stuck paying a huge co-pay for hospitalization.  It could easily bankrupt many elderly and disabled people.)

    Part B Medicare covers clinic/doctor visits.  Co-pays involved.  Cost of the insurance is deducted from the Social Security monthly payment.

    Part D Medicare is the most recent, passed after Georgie became prez.  Covers (some) prescriptions, some with co-pays, some not at all.  Hundreds of insurance plans to choose from, insurance fees vary, the cost is deducted from Social Security monthly payment.  This is the one for which legislation was written by the insurance and pharmaceutical companies that none of the senators could understand when they were "debating" this crap on the floor of the senate - and none of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies could understand it either.  I remember one senator saying to the effect: "Well, we have to pass something; let's vote on this and pass it, and we can fix it when we get back from break."  That was the last I heard about anyone fixing this mess.  Insurance and pharmaceutical companies have made a killing from Medicare Part D.

    There are TWO "Medicare" programs paid for by monthly deductions from Social Security, in other words.

    To repeat what I've said elsewhere, being given a choice of insurance corporations to which we must pay a mandated premium is NOT the same as being given 100% free or affordable health CARE, no exceptions for "pre-existing conditions" like people who have socialized medicine get in their countries.

    We in the US are only being given options that will make insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical corporations fabulously wealthy on a record-setting scale.  That's what "single payer" means: insurance companies will get all the money (and we don't get any guaranteed health CARE with 100% coverage for that mandated tax, as near as I can tell so far).

    Some choice, eh?


    by NonnyO on Sat Nov 22, 2008 at 07:14:29 PM PST

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